Welcome to the “Meridian’s Merchant Accounts 101”. Product banner_2_blue

We here at Meridian Merchant Services understand that the world of merchant accounts, payment processing and card
processing networks can be a strange, gloomy, dark and , above all, confusing place. That is why we started this blog, to help you the merchant, the agent and the curious internet traveler, learn a little more about the payment processing industry.

Who are we?

Meridian Merchant Services opens and manages merchant accounts for businesses, allowing them to accept credit, debit, corporate, and gift cards. In addition, we consult, review, and acquire the merchant accounts for existing businesses as well as properly managing them. Meridian Merchant Services has been providing positive and proactive service and support in the merchant industry for over a decade. Based on the ideal that each customer has a business to run, we have built a sizable portfolio simply by making our customers’ lives easier. They want to focus where they need it most; their business. We want to make sure that they have a worry free environment when it comes to taking payments.

Don’t be a stranger. We welcome your thoughts, comments and questions. So, please, do not be shy and ask away.

Your friends,

Meridian Merchant Services


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