Welcome to the “Meridian’s Merchant Accounts 101”.

Meridian consults and helps business through the process of opening and managing merchant accounts, allowing them to accept credit, debit, corporate, and gift cards. In addition, they consult, review, and acquire the merchant accounts for existing businesses as well as properly managing them. Meridian has been providing positive and proactive service and support in the merchant industry for nearly a decade. Based on the ideal that each customer has a business to run, we have built a sizable client base simply by making the lives of our customers easier. They want to focus where they need it most; their business. We want to make sure that they have a worry free environment when it comes to taking payments.

Meridian’s team of professionals has spent much of their time consulting for schools and universities, hospitals, medium and large sized corporate chains, nationally branded companies, the military; and even across frontiers into Canada, the Philippines, and Japan. Though we often work with people and businesses to reduce and prevent fraud, our daily effort and request is simple: save our clients money.

Meridian’s working relationships do just that as we can work with any processor in the country. The average bank down the street has a charter that only allows them to work with a single processor. We maintain contracts for the seven largest processors in the country on file. We will normally have three of the largest processors bid on a single company to make sure we get them the best rates possible.

This, however, is only half the job. Most often businesses are losing money due to being improperly setup, having premiums added to their account, or by their rates simply climbing over time. When it comes down to it, most merchant providers sign up a business and walk away. At Meridian, we believe that an account should be managed, thus allowing them to run their business. To do this businesses are thoroughly reviewed to make sure they get what they need, that useless fees are cut, and that accounts are audited annually to make sure no disproportionate increases have been added.

These simple, yet daily steps have given Meridian a true edge in an industry whose customers have been jaded due to years of neglect. Our basic approach is that we are in a service industry and that we will service the client whether they are on a shoe-string budget or make millions annually. This approach has given us a wonderful feedback rating of 98%, a retention rate of 99.2%, and a word of mouth referral base which is the single best compliment our customers can give us.

In 2011, Meridian founded the Meridian Foundation. It was established to aid businesses in creating sustainable, far-reaching income streams for non-profits. We do this by allowing businesses of all sizes to redirect a portion of funds already spent on merchant services to the charity of their choice. Your charity receives the funds and your business receives the credit for supporting the cause.



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